Have you been in one of our retreats or ceremonies? Did you have a meaningful experience to share? Did you experience with us was good? Anything you want to share with us, we will be more than glad to have your inputs. Please give us a review to help us continue our mission and continue spreading the goods of the sacred medicines to those who get the call.


  1. Visiting central Costa Rica was beautiful. I sensed that the forest was an ancient and sacred backdrop for the Ayahuasca ceremony. The experience was cleansing, physically and psychologically. I faced my own mental programming head on. From this new perspective, I could understand myself and change beliefs that didn’t serve my life. Not only was the experience itself profound, but also the interpretation and conversation I had with Harold before and after the ceremony. I was able to rediscover my true power and it gave me the courage to escape from a toxic business relationship that I felt trapped in. I am experienced a sense of freedom like I have never felt before.

  2. Originally from Columbus Ohio, I’m 22 yrs of age an had been battling an addiction to opiates for 2-3 years……. I had recently went down to Costa Rica to do the Iboga Treatment for addicts, and through there i had learned about the Ayahuasca process, experience, and rebirth of yourself. I have never been the type to take them trippy mind state drugs but i was all for it for some reason the day…..I was afraid to see all of the evil things i had been put through and caused other people through my life not just through my addiction, things as is me struggling wit the fact that i wanted to sell my soul to the devil for fame money women etc. and get out of my poor ass neighborhood…..i had sat down at the table wit the devil and he was trying to slide me a contract to sell my soul and overtime i reached for it my arm just kept growing and wouldn’t let me grab it……i also seen some of my friends who had passed on whether the be through street violence drugs or natural causes, i had also seen myself at my own funeral which got to me to see how all my loved ones was reacting to me in the box cold and stiff…….Anyways long story short i took everything in my experience in to a positive perspective and not negative and took those as signs to change my life up real quick before they came true……..i just wanna thank Michael and Eric for helping me through my journey and new chapter and rebirth into a new world…….got mad love for y’all and appreciate y’all letting me get up on here and spit some knowledge…..Hope whoever reading this got sum out of it…..stay blessed and be safe.

  3. I was afraid of my inner demons from childhood and it is true that some people will experience painful experiences while on Ayahuasca. I didn’t experience any negative thoughts feeling or see anything negative. My experiences were very positive and healing. Those that do experience the negative release of past traumas in their lives usually feel that the healing was very much worth the short term pain that they have had to endure. We found our experiences with Harold and Eric to be very healing and would highly recommend them to others.

  4. I had the chance to be with these guys in a couple of ceremonies and the only thing I can say is: Woow!
    I mean, Harold seems to know pretty well the art of preparing the sacred medicine, as much as mastering ceremonies. By the other hand Eric is such a great host, he takes care of everyone patiently and gently while he really holds the space and keeps the energy of tha place on balance with the appropriate music and chants. I definetly recommend AyahuascaCostaRica.org if you want to have a meaningful experience with Ayahuasca.

  5. Harold & Erick have been friends of mine since May of 2015. I met them during my first Ayahuasca retreat when they were located in Cartago near San Jose. Our connection strengthened thanks to the powerful medicine Ayahuasca. We stayed in touch and 1 1/2 years later I decided to return for a second retreat. This time I was amazed at how things had changed for them… The new location near Dominical is a paradise. I felt welcomed from the moment I first arrived. The sounds of nature, the breeze, the aromas of the jungle, the animals, etc makes this experience very memorable.

    I came to this retreat with my partner & best friend. We made the decision to come here in order to clean “demons” from our past. I knew deep inside that this experience was going to be healing and life-transforming—just like I had experienced in May 2015.

    We arrived on a Sunday and left a week later. During this retreat we did 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies—which were preceded by a short rapé dose every time—and one Kambo ceremony. Our bodies were fed clean organic food and plenty of water. Our room was very comfortable, we were able to sleep soundly every day and had enough space to meditate and do yoga. The soothing sound of rain mixed with the sounds of the jungle was the perfect lullaby.

    Ayahuasca always pushes you forward, whatever forward is to you. For us this was not only a healing ritual but also a bonding experience. Within one day we were already dealing with the issues from the past, but this time clarity made us cope with the situations in a healthier manner. The entire experience gave us a lot of perspective. However, it is important to keep in mind that each experience is unique and cannot be compared to others’.

    I love this place and will recommended to anyone who wants to connect with their inner guidance while in the middle of an environment full of life, love and light.


  6. I just returned from a week at the retreat. I had some hopes on what to expect. I wanted to get away from my ‘normal’ life and escape physically and emotionally into the jungle while I can clear my head and be able to experience the ayahuasca sessions. In retrospect I have gotten that and so much more! Here is what this retreat offers: remove yourself from your day-to-day life; no TV, no entertainment, only the basic necessities all embedded in a beautiful nature layout. The diet is fully vegan and helped me rebalance my senses and also prepared me for the ceremonies. Haro is a modern-day shaman of the purest and most knowledgeable form and truly embodies the entity that channels the spirit of ayahuasca. He and Erick and their team were always there in a loving and comforting way to assist my sessions. I felt in the right hands to let go and let the medicine do its work! I know that when mother ayahuasca calls me again, i will be returning to this place. I felt home. Thank you all for the truly life changing experience!

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