Unique healing experience

Discover the greatness of the master plant medicines. Spiritual and physical improvements are part of the benefits you could obtain.

Marvellous Locations

Deep in the heart of the costarican forest. Our environment and eco-friendly facilities potentiates the power of sacred medicines.

Calm & Quiet

The peaceful sanctuary you have been looking for. Integrate your visions and learnings from your Ayahuasca experience in a like-heaven place.

Enjoy the Nature!

Fun and adventure are included. Rediscover the magic in nature and see the marvelous beaches, forests, and waterfalls of Costa Rica with new eyes.


Ayahuasca retreat sanctuary

Ayahuasca Costa Rica offers a stimulating, responsible and safe experience based on the Ceremony of Ayahuasca and the Medicine Kambo. This medicines are for those who are looking for an authentic way to pursue their personal journey to consciousness. During our retreats, we participate in Ayahuasca ceremonies and Kambo sessions in a harmonic environment for profound self exploration, personal integration and healing.

The ceremonies are lead by an spiritual guide with great experience using and giving the medicines, ready to assist the traveler with different situations that may arise with in the ceremony. Ideally, one person leads the ceremony, while other experienced assistants support the participants, in order to provide a safe environment for you to experience with peace of mind. We know it is important for you to feel safe, especially during the important sacred experience of Ayahuasca.

We take care of every aspect

Organic & Fresh
Organic & Fresh
All meals we offer are part of a health vegan diet intended to clean your organism from toxins and improving your body capacity to get the best of the sacred medicines.
Spiritual Guidance
Spiritual Guidance
An experienced spiritual guide is vital if you want to get the best of your Ayahuasca experience. As well as a team of facilitators to assist you during your journey.
Sharing Sessions
Sharing Sessions
A fundamental part of the Ayahuasca experience, is to have the chance to get together with the tribe and share the meaningful aspects of your journey to get insights and different perspectives.
Careful Preparation
Careful Preparation
The preparation of the sacred brew is something that demands a great experience, and a careful selection of the ingredients, to get the purest medicine and therefore a secure but magical experience.
Nature Surrounded
Nature Surrounded
Nature plays a fundamental role in our ceremonies, it intensifies the medicine's potential, and so one your experience. You could feel the great spirits of the forest and their warm energy
Complementary Medicines
Complementary Medicines
To complement the power of Ayahuasca, we give you the option to experiment with complementary sacred medicines like Kambo.

Enjoy the Nature with Us!


We want to help you heal and improve, but also we want to share with you the beautiful nature wonders of Costa Rica. As part of our retreats, we give our groups the chance to do activities like hiking into the cloud forest, trips to our nearest beach, a tour to the Waterfall near to our location, among other options.

We can also plan custom activities and take you to specific places within our country as part of an integral experience. Just let us know what do you have in mind and we would try to arrange it.

Because once your inner-self has been awakened, you will never see the world the same again and you will be delighted by even the smallest details, and contemplate Nature is definitely one of the greatest experiences to do after an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Let us hear from you

Do you like what we offer? Would you like us to add extra things to our retreats? Or do you have in mind something different that you would like to talk with us? Your insights are very important for us. Just send us a message on our Contact Form, or write us directly to costarica.ayahuasca@gmail.com

We are constantly evolving and learning about the wonders of the master plant medicines, and improving the way we share them with our dear friends.
Our goal is to help the people heal, and raise awareness of the power of this sacred natural medicines, so more people can take advantage of its benefits in the future.